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Carol - posted on 12/24/2008 ( 10 moms have responded )




How can I gently let my daughter, 6 still believes whole heartedly in Santa, down when she doesn't get the gifts she suddenly asked Santa for last week, which I can't afford, and can't even find?


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Sherri - posted on 12/17/2010




Santa only brings one gift a piece to my children so I would choose a gift and put Santas name on them and if she asks why she didn't get something simply say he can only give so much. Other children need gifts too.

Megan - posted on 12/16/2010




I am going to use the same answer my mother gave to me. It takes the elves ALL YEAR to make presents, so if I changed my mind at the last minute, Santa didn't have time to have it made. There was also an understanding that no matter how long the list I made for Santa, he was going to only pick a couple presents out, and he always found something not on the list for me too. Now Santa is much more scaled back because we try to focus on giving rather than receiving.

Candy - posted on 12/16/2010




I agree with most one here. On Christmas day she will be so excited she may not think about the thing you missed. When she does however ask why she didnt get something. The ladies on here have some great answers. I will telling this year that Santa did this best he could. Mine have asked for very expensive Jesse doll. I dont have the money for it so I found some great answers here. thank you

Robyn - posted on 12/14/2010




Sometimes, my kids don't get what they asked for from Santa. I tell them that Santa and I discussed what would be the best presents for them. They know that he is an adult and knows best, so they don't question it. And they always have a wonderful Christmas! My 5 y/o son wants EVERYTHING he sees on t.v., as long as it isn't a girl toy. And it changes constantly! LOL Don't worry, by next week, she will want something else! ; D

Paula - posted on 12/29/2008




I get my daughter to make a list of about 10 things she wants for Christmas. I then tell her that between Santa, relatives and mommy and daddy, we`ll try to get everything on her list. We tell her that Santa can only get a few things on the list cause he has so many kids to get for.She also knows that we`ll only get so many on the list too.This year she didn`t get everything she wanted but she was really happy with the things from her list that she did get.

Joy - posted on 12/29/2008




I know the fealling I have an 8 year old daughter. I just let her know that Santa just can't get everything that kids ask for like ponies and electoric games and anything that many kids ask for because kids ask for alot of things and he gives them what he thinks they need so other can have things too. But if they can wait that she has a birthday coming and if I can afford it I will get her what Santa dosen't bring. I hope this helps a littel.

Martha - posted on 12/24/2008




Hi I always tell my kids that Santa will bring a surprise, my oldest is Autistic 10 year old there is no way I can afford those video games or Wii but he also asked for Lego so he's going to get Lego though not exactly the same one because there's none in the stores, my 8 year old didn't pick exactly what he wants from Santa so I just tried to see what he likes which is board games right now and my youngest is probably easiest being only 2 likes pink and anything girly. I found if I tell them Santa will just bring a surprise it isn't so bad because they know Santa doesn't bring exactly what they are going to ask for but they will still have fun with what he does bring them.

Mechael - posted on 12/24/2008




We only get one gift from Santa at my house. I have told my son, 7, Santa has a budget too, because he gives gifts to all the children. We started that when he was young and he has not questioned it.

Rebecca - posted on 12/24/2008




My daughter is 6yo and is constantly changing her mind of what she wants so I wouldn't worry too much if she came up with new wants just last week. She does every day! We try to get 1 or 2 gifts from Santa - whether they are ones they have asked for or not - and then one group gift from Santa (for both of my kids, like a board game). At the end of the day, because there are so few from Santa, my kids couldn't even pick his out of the pile, and they rarely get one thing that went on their wish lists to Santa.

Your daughter probably won't even bring it up Christmas day. Don't remind her and if she does bring it up on her own, just say perhaps Santa felt the gift(s) he brought you were a better gift for you.

That's just what I would do...I guess I just don't focus on Santa too much. Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 12/24/2008




If "Santa" has already got her something else, tell her that sometimes Santa thinks kids may like another toy even better than they one they asked for. You can also tell her that Santa has choosen an extra special gift instead. I hope what ever you tell her works, and good luck.

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