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Hi out there, Any mums got any great tips to building confidence up in an 8 year old girl, i've just had her school report and i think a lot of it comes down to not having any confidence in herself, i really want to help her out here?


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This can totally break a parents heart because we.thi.k our children are the most amazing people in the world and to see them question themselves is awful! I would find out what your daughter enjoys or is good at and build on that. Sports, music lessons, art,etc and getbher involved in a class. My middle daughter.was very shy until she joined swimming lessons and she is so proud of herself now and maybe a lil too confident!hehe.

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I have the same problem with my son too. He's 7 and is getting so much help at school that I can't get him to try doing something new without help. I did get him to do a little better by having a heart to heart with him. I just started by asking him to talk to me about school. What does he like/dislike about it and we went from there. He told me that kids were picking on him and calling him stupid, and he didn't like going to these seperate rooms for the extra help because it makes him feel stupid. I could go on an on. But what I did was found ways to boost his self confidence. I listed all the people who are proud of him and told him, and that he has amazed us at what he has learned. I found his strengths and explained to him that everyone is different and no one knows how to do everything. Kids who can't read, may not know how to add. And even if kids seem they can do it all, there is a list of things they can't do. I let him try and proove me wrong and I'd find ways to prove it's true. Maybe some stories from when you were in school. As we talked about it, it took a good week to see him coming home happy from school. It was easier to get him to go also. I even noticed he started to do more on his own at school also. He was writing cleaner, erasing less, and getting a few less checks than he used to. You will know how to talk to your daughter. you just have to give it a try and it will come to you. You will even learn some things about her as well. I was amazed at some of the things my son said to me. I didn't think he had been thinking that much to come up with such educated ideas and ways to reason. Good luck.

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