Confused about my 7 yr old!

Amanda - posted on 11/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hey I'm Amanda and new to the whole website! I have 4 children, ages 7,4,2 and 1. My oldest is my son and only son! He is in 1st grade! He's doing extremely well academically and is getting great scores on his reading and math. He's in a good routine doing his homework right after school and is excited when he gets a Green which is a good color and he gets them almost everyday. The only problem we have is with a girl in his class. She lives down the street and this last summer they were best friends and played almost everyday! Now that they are in 1st grade, he's been being really disrespectful to her at school, won't use her books or pencils because they have "cooties", and calls her clothes and bag ugly. The teacher said he is super respectful to every other child in the class but forr some reason not to her. He has gotten in trouble for pushing her one time and kicking her another. My question is why is he doing this and what happened to their great friendship?! He isn't much help. I am thinking maybe a phase? Maybe the other students aren't nice to her? Maybe she has done or said something to him he didn't like? I don't know! When I ask him he says "I just don't like her mom". Any advice?


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Debbie - posted on 11/05/2010




Hi, I would say that someone has said that he's know's her and he dosen't want to be associated with her , just tell him to himself and to get on with things and treat her the way that he would like other people to treat him !! good luck

Angie - posted on 11/05/2010




Friendships change over time. If other children found out that your son's best friend is a girl, they may have picked on him to the point that he feels he needs to prove that he is not her friend. Remind him how you expect him to act and what a good friend she was to him. Good luck!

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It may be difficult for him to vocalize his feelings. Have you tried getting him to draw or act out with puppets why he feels differently?...

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Well when I was in elementary school, boys that did that to girls actually LIKED the girl they were picking on. I wouldn't worry about it and just keep reminding him to be respectful of others.

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