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Okay a little background; I am a mother of 2 girls a 5 year old and a 2 year old , and one on the way, plus a stepmother to a 5 year old boy. I am currently married to my husband of 3 years. Our 5 year olds were with other people so my daughter does not live with us I have shared custody with her father. His son lives with us due to his mommy wanting nothing to do with him unless she is with my husband. (weird I know) But what I am trying to get at is that my life is not just confusing it is down right (crazy with bad words) Since I am currently 6 months pregnant I am unable to physically do a job so I do not have one. My husband had a felony from age of 18, he is 30 as of right now so its very difficult for him to find jobs (I send out his resume all day almost 5 days a week to job I search for on the internet). I know that guys are not the type to (be emotional or understanding of a women being emotional at least to some extent) but I want to know is it normal for a guy of 30 years of age to constantly consume himself in online gaming and not give a flying hoot about his kids (and what they are doing or what they need to be doing) so giving me the responsibility to deal with every aspect of our kid's lives, as well as not give a flying hoot about his own well being or his wife. I cook, clean, take care of the kids and I come to their beck and call non-stop 24-7. You will only find my husband 3 places. In the bedroom on the bed playing games, in the bathroom (you know why) and or outside smoking...other than that he won't want the kids around him or me around him. He hates when I try to talk to him, he hates when I ask anything of him. I am confused. We live currently with his mother (who which I can't stand and we will be getting kicked out soon because she is giving up her house) and well I am confused. I can't go anywhere my DL's are gone due to insurance issues in another state, my van has no tags and His truck is the only one "running". I am trapped. Help!!


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Update: No job for him other than a sales job in insurance which he is waiting on the results of a background investigation. His mother is kicking us out. We were suppose to move out last sunday but he told her we were not moving yet until the end of the month, she has refused to help us in anyway. She reneged on a plan to helping us and giving us the tax she received on claiming our kids. She refuses to do so. I am still putting in resumes for him. Tried even going to a jobs and family services here but they demand I work as well even being pregnant and disabled. My husband still refuses to do his own job research as well as anything else. I am struggling with my mental state at this point with two kids and a baby on the way is too much for being homeless once again. Been dealing with this our entire marriage. I have tried everything even getting a job myself but I physically can not do what is demanded in most jobs so I am limited. I have applied for everything under the sun for help and I am always refused. We are almost out of gas to get him to interviews and almost out of everything else. All I have is food for my kids and nothing else. This is getting unbearable. as well as having no family or friends on my side. Its killing me, I am usually the strong one in all situations but I can't control my emotions right now. I am hurting.

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hiya it sounds like ur fella doesnt care about you or the kids as hes letting you do all the work he should be helpin u with them and taking care of u and kids. He obviously cares more about gamblin n that instead of interacting with you and your children. Men are pains when it comes to talking about stuff and its frustrating when you wish he would talk about whats going on. He is probably feeling abit down aswell as hes no job and has worked all his life he probably feels abit useless at the mintue but he needs to sort his head out aqn start helpin you around the house and with the kids. Hope you get it sorted and if you want to talk message me lianne x

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