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My 6yr old is constantly complaining and crying that she's hurt. Physically mostly and emotionally. She doesn't get along with others. She's a tattle tale. She can't talk she just wines. She is easily jealous of others. If she doesn't get want she wants she will cry from 45 mins to an hour. I tell her she needs to toughen up People get hurt in life but I'm concerned she may have a mental disorder causing her not to deal with things well. It appears as if she hates herself. She is only nice to me she is really mean to everyone else and she kicks them. Of cause I tell her to stop and threaten to revoke privileges. Her motto is " I don't care" . Is this normal?


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Talk to your Pediatrician. They probably will refer you to a child psychologist. It could be as simple as she needs more sleep. It could be food allergies. But I would try one thing at a time. She may just need structure.

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I too have a very emotional little girl about that age. I constantly reassure her of how awesome she is and give her lots of cuddles. Children need a lot of reassurance so that they learn to have a positive self-image. I agree with the other moms too, that it is probably a good idea to have your little one seen by her pediatrician or a child psychologist. Sometimes children struggle in social situations because they are not really good at transitions. So maybe start there. If you know that she is going to be in a social setting start preparing her for that environment before she experiences it. Such as saying "so and so is gonna be at the park and he/she is looking forward to playing with you." Start creating positive connections with her various social environments and possibly in time things may get better for her. Explain what is gonna happen before it happens. Be patient and loving. However, she must have consequences too. Sometimes when my daughter does not get enough sleep she acts out in public and that is my cue to drop everything and take her out of that situation. It could be a moment sitting in the care listening to relaxing music for a little bit or just going home all together.Pick your battles and breath. Most of us have been right where you are and are STILL learning as we go. God bless!

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At this age it's a little hard to tell. My son is six and he displays several of the behaviors you are describing, but I would speak to your doctor. It's possible she may have a social disorder like Asburgers where she isn't comfortable in social settings and has trouble understanding human social cues. It's better to be safe than sorry, and maybe with some help you can both start getting some relief. It sounds like you're both quite unhappy with the way she is feeling. she wants to feel better too.


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