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Hi any ideas on how to give my 5 yr old lil girl an enema her doctor said she needed to have? She won't relax when I try to put it in her bum and she's really small back there.


Joseph - posted on 11/04/2015




How about you actually discuss with her the reason why you are. Honestly your doctor is just full of shit about the neccessity of an enema. I recall being that age or around then and prescribed a deposital that never took or worked.. Enemas are better suited for infants or younger people who can't consume fiber from another source yet. I have an IQ of 160, and at that age the entire process start to finish was just confusing and strange without any particular reason or urgency to be touching that place for any purpose. Now I don't know if other children thought of themselves with the same scrutiny that I did at the time, but I do believe in some subconscious sense they can. I actually had disturbing dreams with my butt exposed-theme.. Constiptation is a phase or result of improper diet or grinding of the foods, it doesn't need a pill up the bum to fix it.


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Rachael - posted on 11/04/2018




I give my children a baby food jar of prunes everyday. I put them in a smoothie with fruit and yogurt

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