Could my sons limited diet due to allergies be affecting his energy, behavioural issues and concentration?

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I have an 8 1/2 year old boy is has always excelled in everything. He is very smart and been called gifted. He was reading novels at the age of 4 and masters everything math/science/sports quite easily. However, he has many allergies including anaphalaxsis to Peanut, Fish, Egg. He also has environmental allergies and has eczema and his skin is very sensitive. He is an exceptional althlete as well in all types of sports and is a very good hockey player. So much that he has been picked to travel on teams and play at levels along side of much older players. He loves this games dearly. We recently suspected he may be having issues with Gluten as he has trouble with digestion and feels as if he can't get the energy or strength on the ice he needs. We removed Gluten totally from his diet. This seem to help his digetion issues and tiredness in the mornings and even imporved his energy drastically temporarily. He is now having trouble concentrating in school and has to be put outside at a table to cut down on the distractions as he is easily distracted(which he has always had to a much smaller degree). This is also reflecting in his sports and is now not only is lacking strength and energy on the ice again but is now having obvious trouble paying attention there too. If it was just school we'd say he was bored with school but its also reflecting in hockey which he lives and breathes. We have been trying to watch his diet to make sure he has everything he should need but we are at a loss right now to what to do. He is so frustrated as he is embarrassed because he is known to the be the smartest guy in class and the best hockey player and now he is struggling with both. Sorry to write so long but I could keep writing all day about this. Anyone have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,


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Have his iron levels checked. It could be something like anemia. During my first pregnancy, I ended up anemic, and I was also exactly as you described your son. Not just tired, but weak. No strength. An almost total inability to concentrate on anything, even on things I enjoyed greatly.

It wouldn't hurt to do a full blood work up, just to see if there IS something lacking in his diet, or if something that he's lacking because of an allergy is having other effects (certain vitamins, minerals, proteins help others to be digested and used by the body. So even if he's getting enough of something in his diet, it doesn't mean that his body is able to process or use it).

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Have the doctor check his iron levels and vitamin d a lack of vitamin d at this time of year can really affect people


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Many of the old ways of living are passing away and if we fight their release we generally end up with less than what the universe wants to give us. As we move into the 5th to 7th dimensions, even the things we may excel in require re-vamping from a different perspective. Perhaps it is time for your son to move out of competitive team sports and just do sports for fun or sports activity on his own.

These are new times and we ALL need to adjust our own buttons.......most especially the "control" button! (Big smile) :-)

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I have jsut recently found out my daughter is allergic to a lot of things, i'm still not sure what all it is, I still have to call back to find out. They also want to send her to an allergist. So we will see, sorry to hear about your son, my daughter would get lots of headachs and also get sick and i'm wondering if the fact she was having allergic reactions to things and i didn't know that was wrong, I now feel bad because she is 9 now and was just tested.

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Sorry to hear about this. It's frustrating to not be able to help your struggling child. I know that's how I feel when things don't go right for my kids.

How is his sleep? I know my kids don't function as well when they don't get enough sleep.

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