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Because of my work against school bullying, I write in all the time about how to deal with a problem with your child's school.
When you are having problems with your child's school, the best thing to do is document everything. Make a habit of doing this every time your child has a significant problem. Always do it if there is an event that may be bullying. Write down all available details, date, time, place, who's involved, what was said, what was done, witnesses names if any.

Then if the problem continues you have the early episodes documented. Keep any letters, or notes home from a teacher. This stems from the post about the boy who's teacher does not like him. Keep complaining notes. Document that you are not told when bad things are done to your child. Document all visits.

Mail letters to the school about the problem and your views etc. Keep copies. Usually letters must be filed by the school.

This creates a paper trail you can use to get the school's attention or to begin legal action.
If you think a teacher is continuing to conflict with your child, have him/her moved. The documentation will really help you here. The school does not want a law suit, especially one where they can be shown not doing something so obvious, and relatively easy.

The school will complain, but most other parents will not have documentation. Tell the school it is not your fault the teacher in question is not able to treat your child professionally. Since they don't seem to be able to solve the problem, you want your child moved. Insist. Go up to the Superintendent. Don't for get the the school board. They will work to avoid a law suit.

Make known your documentation, and intention to take legal action in letters to the Superintendent, Principal, and School Board as well as the fact that you are sending copies of the letter to all of those people. This gives them real proof that a law suit is being threatened. This gives them more to work with in disciplining the teacher, while fending off the Teacher's Union.

Another thing in your favor is that few parents will do all this so the school will probably work with you to get you to shut up.


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Holly - posted on 03/30/2011




Let me know, If I can be of any help. I am involved in bullying because of my realistic fiction book, Revenge of the Dorkoids.

Nadia - posted on 03/27/2011




Holly, thanks for the advice... my daughter starts kindergarten in the fall and i'm super nervous about it. I'll keep in mind to write everything down if need be :)

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