Disasterous Kindergartener!

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I need some help! My daughter is 5 yrs old and it's her 1st yr of school. I am a single mother & i have so much on my plate already. Well...She has been extremely bad in school since it started in Aug. She gets in trouble at least 2-3 times a week! I've tried many things at home...still no luck! Her teacher has tried many things...still no luck! My daughter will get up in the middle of learning time & does what she wants to do in class. She hides under the teachers desk. She is very hyper. She doesn't listen to her teacher or show remorse for what she does. She throws her shoes in a fit of rage. She writes on other students work. She swings her beads in kids faces...she does whatever! I am so sick of her teacher sending me notes home. I am tired of her receiving red lights. I am so frustrated & out of things to do. I cry so much now because she continues to get in trouble & her poor teacher doesn't know what to do with her. I bet her teacher dreads to see her coming to school! Her teacher has been hinting for me to take my child to see a child psychologist. I was going to but now i'm in denial a little bit. I am afraid they will try & put her on meds & i dont want that! She is too young! What do i do?? Someone please help! I am going insane.


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I can understand some of what you are feeling. It is so hard to even think there is something wrong with our own child! Then we start blaming ourselves for the possible damage we did to our kid. What a hard place to be and feeling so many things at once is difficult. My son did similar things in pre-school a few years ago and they asked him to not come back after the holidays. I was so mad at them and then mad at my son and then mad at myself. Your not alone.

I dont know if you have a Pediatrician or just take your daughter to a family doctor? I would suggest to take her there first and tell them what is going on. If they feel that she needs a little more help they can refer you to a specialist like a Developmental Doctor that can give her some testing. My Pediatrician sent us to a Neurologist that was wonderful. They really just listen to you and watch your child play. The child is asked a few questions and they do a little physical. The Doctor did not push any medication on us at all. They will work with you and see if medication is necessary in the future that is all.

The good part about taking her to get looked at and tested is that she will get the help she needs. This is not about you! Help her be the best she can be! If your child goes to a public school they will help too. If she gets diagnosed with something like, add or adhd, they can put her in classes that will be great for her. They will write up a individual education program just for her, usually called an "IEP".
Stay strong! And know that she will benefit from getting help at such a young age. My son is now in 2nd grade (where he should be) and doing great with his IEP and no medication. I hope that will be your case also. The sooner they get help the better off their future will be, so go make some phone calls mom. Best wishes to you both!


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To hear you say you are going insane, breaks my heart. It is so hard being a mom sometimes & we just don't have all the answers like we feel like we should. Does your daughter act the same way at home? Or does she just act out at school? Is she able to concentrate & play nice when she is doing something she likes, likes gym or playtime? Or does she act out all the time?
Doctors really aren't that quick to put kids on meds. They really will help you & you shouldn't feel bad about that. So many factors contribute to our behavior & even as adults we don't know why we do what we do. I do know first hand how it feels to have to take your child to a psychiatrist. And in my case it turned out to be very helpful and answered a lot of questions. It really was the best thing for the child. When you feel like your in over your head don't be afraid to ask for help. There is no judgment & I think it takes a very strong mom to be honest & see out advise. I hope you find the answers you need & you can have some peace filled days, you deserve it :)

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