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My 5 yr old has huge issues with disobedience. I do time outs, super nanny style, but it can still take 45 minutes to get through 5 minutes --- this has been going on for over a year, so it's not an "adjustment period". I've tried spanking, but really hate to because she gets in trouble for hitting out of frustration ... why should I? We are very strict and stick to our guns -- no means no, so it's not because we always back down and she knows we will -- cause we don't. I need some other ideas besides TO's. Thanks in advance


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How do you react? And whatever you do stick to it. We have a rule that we(me and my husband) discipline with a calm attitude. My kids know they are in big trouble when I have to walk away calm down and then I goto discipline. We do time outs taking away toys. anyways. My two oldest daughters have four braclets that they made. When we go somewhere they wear the braclets but when they do something bad I take a braclet.

Klara - posted on 06/28/2011




We use taking away privileges, such as stereo, tv, computer, pool and/or trips to the library. Whatever gets her to stop what she's doing. Some days one thing works better than others, but at our house, it seems to hurt most to lose computer or tv. We do a lot of reading and have lots of books, so the library is just for a fresh supply, we still read, even w/o a trip to the library. I try to pick my battles, but if I say something, I try to stick to it, so she knows I mean business. We also take away play dates, sleep overs, etc. My daughter is now 6, but does all these quite well already, so it is a good thing to use as leverage. She also receives an allowance that can be taken away. Good luck, my best advice is to find whatever your child enjoys most (that is not a necessity), and use that for leverage. Good luck!

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