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Krista - posted on 12/29/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is 8 months old and constantly sucks her fingers. She was a paci-girl at first but decided to switch one day and wouldn't let us persuade her to go back (you can take a paci away more easily). I think she's probably too young to try to break of the habit at this point, but I'm wondering at what age we should start. Any suggested methods?


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I had same problem with my son now 9. Problem is when they start school because they finger suck they bring home every illness going and the worst is worms yuck! I think the dental plate thingy is going a bit far but the earlier you get your child to stop the better i'd start now if i was you.

RaeLynn - posted on 12/31/2009




My daughter is 5yrs old and sucks her 2 middle fingers, always has ever since she discovered her hands and fingers as an infant. Im still trying to get her to quit with no luck, tho she only does it now when she is tired , bored or sleeping, I do wrap her hand in a teatowel overnight, but the little terd pulls it off to get to her fingers. I wish I had better suggestions for you, Hope you find something to break her.

Kait - posted on 12/30/2009




My oldest daughter, now 7, was a finger sucker. We tried the polish, hot sauce (just a drop) and anything else we could think of. After she turned 3, our daycare lady took a pair of knit pants, sewed up the feet holes, split the crotch (only half way) and put it over Grace's arms like a jacket and she couldn't get to her fingers. I made one for home, too, and everytime Grace went to sleep, she had to have her "thing" on. She even started to request it if we forgot. We used it for a couple of months, then she stopped sucking her fingers. I still have it and will probably use it for my youngest, who does the same thing, once she is a little older. Good luck!!

Deborah - posted on 12/29/2009




HI Krista, I am at a loss. My two kids 5 and 6 years both are thumb suckers from birth. Usually bedtime and when tired or bored. I have tried everything.... I'm about to resort to the orthodontic way with the dental plate thingy... But I must say at 8 months it never crossed my mind to worry about it. Often when they hit school the social pressure from other children is enough to cure them of the habit. Self comforting is a positive thing. Perhaps you could try substiution with a blankey or soft toy? It's worked for others. All I can say is all the best and relax my friend.... Least of your worries!

Janet - posted on 12/29/2009




I tried everything I could to break my oldest daughter's habit of sucking her 2 middle fingers. Nothing worked, and I mean I tried everything! Finally when she went into Kindergarten I took her to the dentist and had a small metal appliance put in. No pain, no needles, it took 2 appointments, 1 to have her measured so the dentist could make it, then the 2nd appointment to install it. No needles, no pain, took less than 15 minutes for him to put it in. It was attached onto her back upper teeth, then went under the roof of her mouth and had a plastic roller type thing in the middle. She was not able to get a sealed suction because of it. The appliance worked from the first day it was put in. We left it in for 3 months then had it removed, and she has never sucked her fingers again. My middle son also sucks his 2 middle fingers, and he will be seeing the dentist when he turns 4, for the exact same thing. I was able to have most of the cost covered by my dental plan.

Lindsay - posted on 12/29/2009




My daughter was a finger sucker and we really didn't do much about it until she was close to three. Then we used a nail polish for nail biting and finger sucking and she was broke from the habit in a matter of a day or two. She's never once gone back to it since! =)

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