freindship in 7 year life (girl)

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My daughter is 7 and half, she comes home from school and she complains that her best friend does not paly with her any more or as usuall , I keep telling her that its ok and you can play with other kids , the she cry . How important is best friend at this age? what is the best advise I can give to her and how I can help her ?


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Lexy goes through this alot!! I make sure to keep the lines of communication with her open no matter what the content is. Kids are going to be kids and while she may present herself to be left out, Im sure she isnt all that innocent as she portrays. We had issues and we addressed them to her and other parents and we discovered thru talking to her about the even that she too was saying things. You also have to stress that it is important to have many "bestfriends" rather than one so that you dont run into her just clinging to one person. It will teach her to be a socal butterfly. Lexy has cried many times and at this age it is difficult to hear especially since there really isnt any physical thing you can do. Just talk to her and STRESS its okay to have many friends and its okay to play with other kids. That sometimes friends dont have to be with eachother all the time and sometimes friends just need breaks from eachother BUT that doesnt mean they are not your friends, maybe they wanted to play something that you didnt feel like playing that day so they went to someone else that wanted to. Sorry I was in the moment there!! lol Just had this conversation the other day!! :-D

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I'm having a problem here too my daughter tends to have one special friend at school it's like she clings all her hopes onto this friend i could do with some tips on how to broaden her friendships because when he plays with others she really feels left out, i remember being in a threesome friendship when i was her age yes we were always falling out but it never lasted we always made up i think this is part of life i guess you could look at it positively and think well my daughter knows what she likes in a friend for her to be so choosy.

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have you spoken to class teacher maybe she can give you some insight maybe another girl joined class and then joined friendship only i found group of 3 girls dosent go group of 4 fine but not 3, 7 is realy important age they are no longer babies and are more independant .but maybe could have word with teacher because when change classes round in september maybe they could incourage another friendship.

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It can be hard to be a kid sometimes, and remember also kids can be so mean to each other at times. You can't do much but you can get her to talk about it to you and give her the best positive advice you can. She should try and take this time to widen her circle of friends also. Im sure she is not an unlikabe child so others will want to be her friend too. Going thru life some friends come and go so It is important to have others in your life to help pull you thru these things.

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