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Deepti - posted on 06/23/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 5 yearl old son is on the smaller side( about 35 lbs) and is not a very great eater. I mean he has his good and bad days but is very active and seems to burn more calories than he consumes. We are Indains so mostly it's homecooked ,healthy vegetarian ( except abt twice a week of fish or chicken) meals consisting of lentils, veggies, rice,yoghurt etc. I avoid frozen/ precooked/ junk food and in my opinion is as reasonably healthy as a diet goes. My question is regrading his bowel habits. He seems to go about avg 3/4 or 5 times and after meals/ milk time and it's not that he has pain/loose stools or anything. They look normal, sometimes pale/ sometimes dark normal. We have had his stool test done, there's no infection of any sort. It's only the frequency that worries me.Can anyone shed any light on this.Occasionally he complains of tummy ache but I give him gripewater and he's okay. Should I be worried. Iam working on his weight and slowly it is picking up but he seems to be moving abt all the time burning off whatever he eats so maybe that's why he's thin? Please advise!!!!


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If your child is going that often a day? Id consider checking to see if he has a food alergy. Food allergies can cause constant bowel movements and not always diarrhea. If it were diarrhea Id be concerend about dehydration and a possible infection. He should be checked by his doctor for both. Food allergy which would simply mean removing the bad food from his diet which could be until he outgrows it or forever depending on the severity. Home cooked healthy diets are excellent! I commend you! :D but even a healthy diet can hide a culprit. Your son could be allergic to milk/ dairy products- but again this is something that should be checked by his doctor. As for moving about ALL the time? That's pretty normal to me- I have 5 sons that are always moving about! lol.... Something else that can cause frequent bowel movements is stress. If your son is worried about something that can be the cause as well...this is also sometimes combined with tummy aches and pains. Id rule out an allergy first because that can lead to significant issues...and then check for outward causes. ANd sometimes kids have an extremely high metabolism...burning the fuels he eats faster than lightening. And- since his diet all natural? He is going to digest much faster! No preservatives and extra sugars to bog his digestive system down. Also, start keeping a journal of his habits. If he passes stools more frequently after certain foods? Such as on the days he has the fish or chicken or the days without the meats? It could be the fruits and veggies are digested faster than the rest...expect more frequent bowel movements on the days that eats more fiber rich foods as well. So taking out the possiblity of an allergy? And no infection present? Id make sure he has a good vitamin- plenty of protein in his diet and he should do great. And you can breath.... good luck! And keep us posted? Imma gonna worry otherwise! lol


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Deepti - posted on 12/17/2013




I actually am returning to this post after over 2 years- that is crazy!! :) Thanks to all for your suggestions and resonses- I appreciate it! Especially to Ginger, wow, I let you stay worried for this long?!!! :)
Well, he's still rushing every now and then. From tests and visits to docs, they don't 'see' anything wrong and his weight is about 52 lbs. barely and still a ball of energy. So I think I 'll just stop worrying and put some more toilet rolls in there for him :D

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Hi Deepti,

My 5 year old too has the same problem. He goes abt 3- 4 times a day , especially after having a meal. This started around 3 months back when he developed a constipation .We had his blood tests done and it was all normal. He is also small is size and a pack of energy so I'm not worried abt his weight as he is burning off a lot. But I'm worried abt his bowel habit , since he is going to school after 2 months, I'm not sure how he would handle this..:(

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I would add more protein and carbs to his diet. Sounds like hes a ball of energy that has a fast metabolism and hes still growing! so

Tara - posted on 07/01/2011




Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Our daughter (she is 7 now) had been back and forth to GI specialists for the last 3 years and they WANTED her going that often (she had constipation issues that they couldn't figure out). The frequency isn't the only thing to keep an eye on though. The amount he is going is also important. They have told us that they want to see a child pass 1 cup to 2 cups of stool a day. So, even though he is going a lot, if it's not large quantities, he's probably going as he should be.

I wanted to add that our daughter is very small (barely 40lbs at 7 and a half years old), but that has never been a concern to us (my husband or myself) because I'm very small too. Unless the doctor is really concerned about his weight, I also wouldn't worry about that. Our 5 and a half year old son is about 40lbs and there has never been anything said about his weight (doctors were always commenting on our daughters weight and doing different tests to make sure she was fine..even though we knew she was just going to be small). As long as your child is healthy, I wouldn't worry too much about his size, especially if he's as active as you say he is :)

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