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We have the same problem. Only my sk are a little older. You are not wrong. You know what your gut feeling is and its more than likely correct. Unfortunatly it will probably not get anybetter expecially if Meme is by passing you and going to bm to see grandaughter. That's what the grandma did with us to. Our youngest is starting to see the favratism that gma gives to his sister but not him and he is starting to not want to see gma at all. If you get any great ideas on what to do about this problem let me know. It's a hard one, hang in their.

Sarah - posted on 10/12/2009



2 is the question. Oops!

My husband and I welcomed his second my first daughter into our family in Feb. 2009. He has a 6 yr old daughter from a previous marriage. We have partial custody of her and she actually spends the majority of her time in our home. Both of my husbands parents are deceased. His stepmother has raised him since he was 3. Right now my husband and I are struggling with the feeling that our second daughter was getting any attention from her "meme" and that eldest daughter was getting it all. We tried talking about our feelings with her on several occasions. She continually denied it. We invited her over one evening to discuss it and she was upset that our eldest wasn't there. When we brought up how we were feeling and asked her to split her attention equally she informed us that she had no desire to have a relationship with our youngest. That maybe she would try when she was 6 yrs old. She then brought in some unecessary comments about my husband's relationship with his now deceased father that were very hurtful to us. And also some hurtful comments about me. We have since decided to cut ties with her and are not allowing the children to see her. (She has gone through the eldest's mother to see her and so she told us she does not care to see the rest of us.) Sometimes I feel like we are in the wrong. Are we? What would you do in our situation?

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