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I didn't, however, my exes mother's dog...tended to snap at his sister's son. The dog was very jealous being that the dog was the only thing in the house for so long before the baby came along. One day...it went from snapping...to biting...their dog snapped, bit, & latched onto the child's cheek..and drug him across the living room. He had to have a few stitches & still to this day has a bad scar. I wasn't happy with how they handled things. I personally would have gotten rid of the dog...especially after dragging him across the living room floor by his cheek...but they kept the dog. Just kept her outside most of the time and after awhile, they finally let the dog in the house with the child again. It is something I would not put up with, there are very good dogs out there to have around kids. My mom's dog is absolutely wonderful with my niece. She pinches him, pulls his hair, tries to bite him & he just rolls over & lets her lol. I would definitely be very very very careful if the dog is snapping at the baby. I hope that helps. Best of Luck hun!

Jessica - posted on 03/30/2010




This is not behavior to ignore!
Your dog is showing aggression and needs to be corrected now before it escalates. Call your vet and ask what you should do.
This aggression may be from the dog trying to assert dominance over the child. Dogs don't see children the same way as they see adults. Even the sweetest dog can bite a child for no reason so please please please don't think it will just go away.

Yvonda - posted on 03/30/2010




maybe your dog wasnt trying to be mean, but thought he was protecting your baby from getting hurt, I have a cocker spaniel, and if she sees that one of the kids are doing something that she knows I had corrected them for doing on a few occasions, she will bark and block the way, for example, my 3 year old will try to get on the stairs, and if I'm not quick enough, Bailey will block the step and bark and make noises to get her attention.. but still as I'm sure your aware, it is behavior that should be watched closely, i hope this helped you

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It only takes one second for the dog to get too jealous or possesive over their area and hurt your baby. Yes I am talking from experience and you don't need the guilt for the rest of your life

Molly - posted on 03/30/2010




My dog, obviously. Serioulsy, why would you even respond?

Thank you Elizabeth for your feedback.

Elizabeth - posted on 03/25/2010




No but I would correct that behavior quickly and serevely in dog language. Next time you see it. get the dog on it's back (exposing the belly) hold by it's neck (not choking just holding the dog in place) and yell, growl, just be sure to show how displeased with this dog you are. Be sure to do this swiftly because dogs memories are not to good and the dog will forget why it is being corrected if your not quick enough you have about 5 seconds to react. Other than that I would get a dog behavior specialist in right away!

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