hello, can I advise someone I sometimes am today learned of the teacher of one son that he get bullied at school and he responded saying that he is dead I want to take those words very seriously and do as much mommy pain to hear this, I must say that teachers record this seriously and do everything to stop it, but I'm so sorry that I will not be able to remove his pain and has to undergo because he is after only 7 years, so by saying that children who bully are not smarter, just for him but words I hope this ends soon because it really that bad like this happens to my child Davina


Nicole - posted on 03/14/2012




I have three girls and my middle daughter has a lisp. She was teased a lot over the years. I had to teach her to stand up for herself. The kids sometimes bullied her so much, they would be pushing her around. Then I told her to fight back. If your child is experiencing bullying to such an extent, I suggest getting him into some sort of self-defense class so that he will build confidence and if someone tries to hurt him, he can at least defend himself. The kids will learn to respect him if he shows them that he will not accept anything less than that. I don't condone fighting, but people tend to leave my girls alone now that they know they can fight. And they are very sweet girls, so it's not often that they have to. We live in the city, in a rough neighborhood. It is sometimes necessary.

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