hello im new to this

Chelsea - posted on 11/14/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




im a young mother age 23 i dont need judgemental people please. I have a 6 years old son who i have problems with almost every single day to do his homework, but he just dont want to i do want to break down and cry i try help him with adding subtraction but is like im not doing it right.... is anyone having the same problems?


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Debbie - posted on 11/17/2013




With my kids there have been times when I knew exactly what I was doing but they liked to act like I didn't. I swear, I sometimes had to show them it several different ways and several times. There were times I wanted to scream. .... But my daughter had ADHD. Homework was hell. It would take hours for her to get something done that should have taken 10 minutes. That could possibly be something too.

Larimar - posted on 11/15/2013




Everyone has different gifts and talents. Unfortunately as moms we need to wear many different hats and we just aren't all good at everything. I like the homework part. I truly enjoy it... but... I do not have the most patience. I realize this only when I watch my mother do homework with him (granted she has been a teacher for 35 years) but watching her makes me see different approaches.

I would suggest you find a friend that you know does do well in this area. Get them to come over or go to their house and watch how they do the homework with their kids. This will also help your unmotivated child be a little more motivated (copy the behavior). Obviously this is not feasible everyday but after one or two times you might pick up some new tricks.

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i wouldnt feel bad i am 31 and now my son is in 5th grade and i dont remember how to do math and some of his other work man i told my son in 2 grade he BETTER know how to do his work cause i dont remember everything,,, i would say he knows how to do it tell him to just do it and get it over with, and make sure it quiet when he does it at a table in the same spot every time it can help ,, now if he is adhd or is having trouble in school learning for some reason then you might want to talk with his teacher cause with my son s school he dont bring home any homework UNLESS he didnt finish it in class ,,,,and i know this is gonna sound weird BUt i did this with my son try to find a different word for his home work,, cause when you say lets do your home work whats the first thing he does ????? do a kind of word play instead of home work try something like hey did you get those papers from school or lets see what we have in your back pack never show or seem like its a lot bring out one thing at a time it wont be as overwhelming as lets say 4 pages take it one at a time and breath i go through it to and mine is 10 years old and i have a 11 month old so i have a ways to go with all this hope i helped if you would like more just say so lol

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