Help? 5 yr old is still having motivation problems w/ school work

Tamberly - posted on 04/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do I get my gifted 5 yr old motivated to do school work? He is diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (light autism spectrum) and he is in the special education program at his elementary school. He has class in the regular room with his classmates most of the day, but he has 3 breaks during the day where he goes to the sensory room to receive a reward for his earned smiley faces for that part of the day. Rewards are 10 minutes of computer game (educational), playing the Wii, legos/linkin logs, there's a small trampoline he can jump on, etc. He is also in the gifted program and his gifted teacher is reporting problems getting him motivated to participate. He started off great this morning at school and finished two projects, but when denied access to the computer station, he threw a fit and began refusing to do any more work. He has improved over the school year a lot, (his fits are more calm and he regains composure much quicker) but the rewards that the teachers allow him get old after a while and are no longer working very well. Consequences at home have been to take away his 1 hour of Wii or 1 hour of TV. He loves the Wii and cartoons, but are those healthy for him as a reward? I'm not so sure anymore because sometimes he gets so focused on them while watching, he has accidents, like three times a week on average, even if I have him go right before. I'm just so confused as to what to do. Hopefully there are some moms out there with some ideas we haven't tried. Thanks!


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Katherine - posted on 04/09/2012




Time the homework. He does it for ten minutes at a time. Or whatever you think he can handle. Set the timer and let him do his work. Also the reward system is a good idea. Does he have a TA? Maybe that would help. Someone to egg him on, tell him what a great job he's doing etc......

Karen - posted on 04/09/2012




my 3 year old attends a special school program because he has some delays and sensory issues. he is very stubborn and has to be bribed to do most anything, but i too run out or bribes as they get old. i have a few fun toys (he likes egg timers, party blowers, silly putty) that i switch around and he gets to play with them for 5 minutes when he does what i ask of him. i also find new apps on my phone that he gets to play with as well for doing things like getting ready to leave without throwing a fit or going potty. i dont tv or game rewards are bad, they are better than using food, and when you are working with a special kid, you gotta use whatever works.

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