HELP!! Kindergartener with problems in conduct.

Alexa - posted on 10/25/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 5, we just started Kindergarten this year. He is doing great as far as the school work goes. Picking up everything really well. He just can't behave!! Every day it's a different story. He can't control his talking. He won't stay on task. Lately it's been SPITTING in kids' food or at other kids! Don't know where he learned this behavior, and don't know how to make him stop! We've taken away TV/video games, done homework and gone straight to bed after dinner. We've even not said anything about it, thinking he was liking the attention, whether good or bad. I'm at my wit's end! Please help!!!


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Jill - posted on 10/27/2011




hmmm...... i've recently gone through the decision process about sending my youngest daughter to kindergarten next year or preschool. what i found out, is just because a child knows what she needs to know to get into kindergarten, doesnt necessarily mean she's ready to go. age is a huge factor and maturity level for a child to do well in school all around. what does the teacher say about these behaviors? is he able to refocus when she corrects him? or is he more of a "you can't make me" kind of attitude? perhaps if trying all the tactics to get him to straighten up doesnt work, maybe he's just not ready for kindergarten and try again next year. kindergarten is supposed to be the best year ever! kids are supposed to behave because they are having so much fun. is he behaving this way all day or just at certain times? is it all day kindergarten or half day? is he still adjusting to no napping? is he getting enough to eat at lunch to hold him over?

how about introducing a positive goal such as a special treat or activity if he gets a good report from the teacher every friday? my friend is giving her 4 year old a star for each day he does good at daycare. when he gets 5 stars, he gets to go play somewhere they decide at the beginning of the week. good luck. this phase can't last forever, right? :)

Savvy Mama - posted on 10/26/2011




Call the teacher and ask if you can come in and observe for a day. I mean the whole day. Your son may or may not enjoy having you there. What this should do is let your son know that you know what is going on and that you do not agree with his actions. Sit with him at lunch and go out to recess with him too. Just observe at recess. While in the classroom, sit in the back away from him.
If the behaviors continue while you are there, following the day, have a sit down with your son and the teacher and come up with a plan of action.
I would suggest moving his desk next to the teacher's for a week. At lunch time, he should sit by himself for a week. And, if he acts up at recess (at all), he needs to either stay in for a few days, or stand with the teacher on recess duty for a few days.
If the problems still are persistent, he could end up doing his work in the office.
These are some of the things I have seen parents do when I worked in the school.

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