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ok i know this is for moms but am a concern aunt my sister is having trouble with her 5 year old boy he just starded school this year and ever since he started they call her every day that he did some thing like hit the teacher or a student bit someone ext. also he doesnt want to do his work she took him to a conselor and she told them that he might have a case of autism. but then she took him to a psycologist and he said that he was fine nothing was wrong that he was just confuse between right and wrong. i can stand seeing my sister all stressed out what can she do


Louise - posted on 04/28/2012




She really needs to work with her son every day on what is appropriate behaviour. The best way to teach a child how to react around others and how not to hurt is through caring for a pet. If you or some one in the family has a puppy or kitten then take the boy around and teach him how to be gentle, explaining all the time that he has to be gentle or he will hurt the animal. Praise him for being gentle. Always talk in a low toned manner and get down to his eye level. Then work from that. She needs to teach him that being gentle is nice. Play with her son in role play. Teddy can be the doctor and he can be the patient. Show him how teddy is gentle with her son. "Thats nice teddy is gentle." "You have to be gentle with people dont you" This needs to be drummed into him so it is not a quick fix. Then work on him specifically about not hurting class mates, treating people like a kitten or a doctor. Before he goes to school she needs to tell him again not to hurt people be nice. May be a reward chart would work with him.

Being gentle does not come naturally to some children, they need to learn what is acceptable and what is not.

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