HELP? Pre-School Options when she was born 2 days after the cut off.

Pamela - posted on 08/09/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Cut off is Oct 1st, she was born on the 3rd. I got her on the waiting list but really theres plenty of kids on there that are meeting their requirements. Shes average height and weight for a 5 year old right now and shes going to be 4. At the bus stop with her older brother last year she looked older then the kinder-gardeners. Are there any other options for her that are not vary costly. I would hate for her to have to be behind just because she was 2 days past this states rule. I hope to move back to Michigan soon and there she would of gotten in no problem.


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Melissa - posted on 08/24/2011




You can look into your local/county Child Protection Services/DHR (called something diff. in every state) and find out about local Headstart programs in the area. My children have all gone for atleast 2 years. and my daughter started this year w/another year to go. Her teacher is awesome (my son had her) and she prepares the students for Kindergarten. They learned to write their names, abc's (letter recognition also) and learned to be in a school environment * here it's from 8am-2pm 5/days a week. It's a wonderful program, not sure if all states do it but good luck finding something :)

Carol - posted on 08/09/2011




We had the same problem for regular school (kindergarten) with our oldest. He missed the cut off by 4 whole days. He's a giant and a really smart kid. I was able to petition the school and get him in early after he took and passed the normal kindergarten test. However, our school system was horrible and they told me 3 months into the kindergarten year that they'd never be able to challenge him through 12th grade. Unfortunately, area schools don't have to take other kids from different districts that don't meet their age requirements until up to 3rd grade (every district was different). I wound up homeschooling for a few years and then school choicing him to a better school.

Now we've moved to a great school district. Pre-school is not a requirement. If you can afford to, keep her home and continue to teach her at home. You can do everything a preschool can do except for the socialization and teaching her to listen to someone other than you. Playgroups and playgrounds can cover the socialization. A Sunday School or Sabbath School can help teach her to listen to other adults (They're not to bad on teaching morality etc either. lol)
When you're closer to her kindergarten year or even now, start checking the area schools. Explain your situation to the receptionist or whomever handles that kind of thing. If you have school choice, look at area schools too. You'd probably be responsible for transportation to the out-of-district-school though - I was driving 2 hours a day for my kids.

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