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My 5 year old came home from school tues with flu like symptomes even though he was fine 4 hrs earlier when i sent him to school. I took him to the doctor and they said he has influenca A and but possible swine flu. In NC they are not testing for it cause its all treated the same with tamiflu. So tues all chandler did was sleep vomit oop pure liquid and run a high fever. Wed we have no fever he still is pooping liquid every 20 min, vomited only 2 times has more energy than my 2 year old so I THOUGHT i was lucky wouldnt be so bad this round. Then midnight came and he woke up with a 103.2 fever vomitted all the way to the bathroom and all over it all while pooping liquid. I forgot to mention the tamiflu tasted so bad to him that he threw it up everytime it hit his stomach along with the motrin. Thursday we went back to the doctor to make sure he wasnt dehydrated, thank God he wasnt and she just said as long as he taking stuff in the output is okay. So friday Chandler is back to Superman status again feels great and hates me cause i make him rest all day. Saturday 102 fever vomting, pooping liquid and sleepy again. Today he feels great still pooping liquid and vomiting though. HELP PLEASE is this normal weve had the flu before but not like this. By the time i get the towwls washed from all the vomiting the day before i have to use them all over again the next day. Any ideas or suggestions tomorrow will be his 5th day missed from school but i cant send him if he cant stay of the toilet or eat.


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Okay.... Be on your dr...because this sounds like "swine flu", cause tamaflu doesn't work for just weakens the strain of the virus..I had 2 with the swine flu,our dr. did test our kids..Any flu theses past month's have been swine flu..I follow the Center for disease Control. updates..From what there saying the child should be out 10 to 12 day's because it can still be contagious even after the fever's.. Also to give his body time to recoop.. This is a VERY different flu from what i've seen.. my children eye's looked like they were struggling..Watch out for any shortness of breath and or pains in chest..It is a long process of cleaning up and starting over..Until it get's out of there system..BUT one good thing is they are not suppose to get it again...or if they do it will be a very weak virus...Hang in there... Just give them popcicles as long as they have their liquids even Koolaide..Don't worry about the foods{solids} and Motrin always upset's stomach at least at my home..Have u tried suppositories?? For fever?? "FEVER ALL is good.. Remember fever is not bad it Makes your child stay down so the body can work...But of course watch it also..cause it can go up!!! The Tamaflu.. does make them nauseous so make sure they have a small snack like cracker or toast just alittle something before giving it... I hope i helped in some way!!! My email if needed is I'm Kattt from s.a. Tx.

Mindi - posted on 10/04/2009




I have heard this can last up to 10 days. Hopefully you will find that is not the case for Chandler. Don't worry about how much school he is missing. He's only 5, and there isn't that much he is missing at that age. The main thing is that he is 100% better before he goes back so he doesn't spread it to anyone else. You're right...he needs to be eating properly and toileting properly before he can go back. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. Although we don't have this right now, we have dealt with it in the past, and I know how awful it is. If he is vomiting, don't let him drink anything cold as that will be worse on his stomach. Wait an hour after he vomits to give him anything, and then give him only room-temperature water. And he should just sip it. I hope this ends soon for you!!

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