HELP - what to say to my 8 year old son

Alyssa - posted on 04/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So, I just caught my 8 yo son kissing his friend (girl 9) and his hand was up her shirt!!! I was flabbergasted - I just told him it was inappropiate behavior but I need to know what to say to him when I am a little calmer tomorrow - is it about personal space, privates - I am at a loss as to what to say - ANY sugestions would be greatly appreciated!


Julie - posted on 04/19/2013




Omg, I have an 8 year old and I would be a bit shocked as well. I am pretty sure you caught them role playing something they have seen on TV or in a movie?
I would probably sit down and start an open dialogue with apologizing for interrupting what appeared to be an intimate moment with his girlfriend.
I'd say, I had no idea you were "in love' with so-n-so. Or that so-n-so was a girlfriend. That would send my son off with, "I'm not in love, or she is not my girlfriend! At which point I would try to explain the inappropriateness without making him feel like it was wrong
Maybe I'd say, "you do know that kissing is meant for people in love?" And when you are 8 you can only be in love with, and kiss on me, your Mama...(.hee-hee, tickle tickle, kiss-kiss.)
I would inform him that, girls will think you are their boyfriend if you kiss them, and when you say you are not, then you become a bad guy.
And we know you are a good guy (hug) To good to give your kisses away to any girl for at least 10 years :) Of course I'd ask if he had any questions?? And pray he'd say Nope.
So, I guess I'd suggest you go with the light hearted humor approach, with a touch of stay away Jose, girls got cooties ;)"
good luck

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