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Erika - posted on 05/08/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son lives with his father and he does not get the attention that he needs over there. They do not put in the time or effort to teach him the basic requirements for kindergarten. He cannot count to five or tell you the first letter of alphabet is a. I have tried to teach him and had a gf of mine to help also. I do not have the patience to sit down and go over with him so if anyone has any suggestions please send them as kindergarten is around the corner.


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Sandra - posted on 05/08/2010




The simplest thing to do and is really cheap too is to get some puzzles with the alphabets and numbers and sit with him and do the puzzles getting him to say the numbers/letters after you. The other thing you can do with the puzzles is connect the letters to some thing he know for example say "M" is for mom. If you do this as a game it makes it fun he will remember it and he is spending good quality time with you.
My niece and nephew had the same issue and I got to see them less then you see your son but because I made it into a game they remembered it!

You can get the puzzles in a four pack at Walmart for $10 or $15

Erika - posted on 05/08/2010




He has all the leapfrog games and the one that teaches them how to write and everything i dont have any control over if he goes to school or not i only get him every other weekend his dad makes the decisions which sucks bc he is never there his gma watches him and they dont take the time to get him to learn anything they say he will get it when he goes to school but i read the list of things that he is supposed to know to go to school from my gf she has a lil girl that will go to school at the same time but they dont understand that he just dont get it i think something is wrong with him but do they give assesments for the kids bc my gf lil girl can count knows her abcs can do math tell time and everything

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If you have a computer they have Jumpstart games for grades kindergarten through 8th grade. I use them with my kids. they work pretty good and he can play them on his own.

Elizabeth - posted on 05/08/2010




I made it fun... WE are kinda monkeys in our house so when I would let them jump on the bed I would kinda quiz them then when they got it right I'd wrestle around or pretend to push them so they would fall back causing them to laugh uncontrollably. They would have so much fun they would ask to do it over and over again... Preety soon they were not only learning the basics but starting to learn basic math questions (like 2+2) of course with a little visual help but I hope that can help.

Shila - posted on 05/08/2010




Have you tried the leapfrog videos? They are great. I would recommend the Letter Factory and Math Circus to start with. I even use them in my kindergarten classroom.

Also, remember that just because your son is turning 5 does NOT mean he has to go to kindergarten. My advice....if your son is just turning 5 and you feel he is struggling with the basics, wait another year to send him. I waited with my son. It's amazing what a year of maturing will do for a kid academically! :)

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