HEMANGIOMAS - the srawberry birthmark

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I've recently gone through something I pray no one else has to experience. My daughter was diagnosed with a cavernous (deep in the tissue) hemangioma under her left eye at 13 weeks of age. We had been back and forth to doctors from the time she was 4 weeks, ranging from GPs to pedatric opthalmologists and finally the diagnosis was made, but they wanted to take a "wait and see" approach, as with these forms of tumors, they usually are nothing to concern yourself with as they will evidentually go away on their own after several years. However, due to the location of this particular hemangioma, her eyesight was my greatest concern and of course, cosmetically speaking, depending on how large it grew, it would stretch the skin and tissues around it, causinng facial deformities.

The doctors here in Ireland (I live about 30 minutes south of Dublin) due to lack of updated knowledge and lack of skilled surgeons, could do nothing more than "wait and see" or, they wanted me to give my daughter a beta-blocker called Propranolol - as yet, and unapproved drug found to shrink hemangiomas. Just last year in a couple of pediatric heart patients, who just so happened to have hemangiomas and got good responses from it. But to date, there have been no formal clinical trials done with Propranolol in regards to hemangiomas.

Neither of those options appealed to me so armed with nothing more than the internet and the word "hemangioma" my research led me to a doctor who specializes in hemangioma and travels all over the world to help families in similar boats as mine. He was to be in Berlin, Germany the week of Sept 13th and I was lucky enough to see him and thank GOD I did!!!

The hemangioma he removed from my daughter's face when she was 16 weeks old, had grown 1" into the orbit of her eye (eyesocket) and had we left it even weeks longer (as these particular tumors are quite aggressive in growth) she most certainly would have ended up losing sight in that eye!!!

So if there are any Moms out there that need information regarding Dr. Waner, I would be more than happy to help. Again, with hemangiomas, if they are located anywhere else on the body, they are better off left alone, however, there are instances where it is medically necessary to have them removed, in which case, do your homework....make sure you find the best doctor possible. These are vascular malformations and if you get a doctor is isn't an expert in this type of tumor removal, it could have devistating results!

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