Hi i am new to this but could really use some advice. My 4 yr old daughter started pre-school this yr and was very excited she did well on her first couple of days then cried for a few days than went a week and a half without any tears at all. Now for like 2 weeks she has cried everyday. She is a very shy child and i believe she is having trouble making friends. I have sat down and disscussed it with her teacher but neither of us can think of anything that would be bothering her. And when i ask her she just says she wants to stay home with me. I am going insane i cry everyday after dropping her off!!! Any advice?


Katherine - posted on 09/24/2012




Maybe make a play date with one of the kids? Do you ever get a chance to work in the classroom? My daughter is in a coop so I work there once a month. Maybe that would help?

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