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Okay, son was not going to school since the school district kept putting him in school that were not for him. He wanted to go back to his mainstream high school, which the district denied due to his absences, I had a emergency CSE meeting and in February the school put him in for tutoring up at the library. Now due to the fact he wasnt going to school the school put a PINS on him so he had a probation officer. Well the school's Attendance specialist forced his probation officer to put in a report to the courts for not going to school after both the school and probation officer got a letter from my sons MD stating he needs to be home schooled until further notice. Then my son was brought to court and he already did 2 days of tutoring and there was no problem. He seen the judge 4 times. His lawyer had surgery and couldn't go to any court dates and had another lawyer step in. My son went in front of the judge twice with this man and the second time he was put away for not going to school. At this time he already had been doing a month of tutoring and was doing really well. The judge herself called CPS and put in a report that he was not going to school. The home instruction teacher can tell you that he was getting tutoring. So I guess my question is can a Attendance Specialist put in a report of not going to school if he was getting home schooled for a month. And can we go after the school and the attendance specialist for putting my brother away for not going to school although he was getting home tutoring!!!??

** Judge Does know that he is being home schooled. What comes down to it all is that his LAWYER wasn't there and had BOZO (other lawyer). and then judge put him away. If my sons lawyer was there this would not be going on right now. He was in front of her when he was getting home schooled with his lawyer and the judge never did anything and now that he went in with this BOZO she got away with it.

** Also the judge did call up his home tutoring teacher and ask if he has been going. The judge and the attendance specialist insist that home schooling expires in 30 days, but the school has no choice but to give a student schooling unless they drop out or go to a new district.


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The simple answer is I have no clue. It is such a shame your son is being denied a high school education and social life. I really dont agree with homeschooling because dealing with other teenagers is all about growing up and dealing with life.

In the UK the council have to provide a place for every child and if that is further than 3 miles away they have to provide free transport. Even children with major problems are entitled to an education and special facilities are put in place to make sure they get them.

It sounds to me that your sons case was miss managed and placing him in jail was bang out of order. I would insist this is reviewed and seek advice from a lawyer into whether you have a case to sue!

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