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Casey - posted on 09/20/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




So my first grade step daughter gets major attitude when its time to do her homework. Its not like she gets a bunch. Only one paper on friday. Im at a lose as to what to do. When her dad helps her its not as bad. but I try to help her( witch happens more often then not.) she gets attitude and starts getting mad. Her dad works 60 hours and cant always help her. Please any advice will do before I lose it. There is no reason for it. Its not hard stuff. I may just let her dad help her. But it makes me feel like crap that I cant help her without her getting nasty and mad.


Tamara - posted on 09/21/2011




Do you have any other school aged kids in the house?

What we do is when the kids (all mine two are DHs Step sons but its a house rule) there is 30 minutes 'off time' for a snack bathroom and unwind time then sit at the table until the home work is done, one or both of us sit there to help we usually bring a book to read if no one needs/wants help but we are there if they want it then we discuss it when they are done then they are free to go, there are some nights I have read 6 or 7 chapters because they didnt want help or want to work either but just sitting there with no tv radio or nothing else to do they learned this is the way it is they finally broke and now with the little two its usually a chapter maybe 2. the older two its usually history so they do the reading while i help the little two and discuss with the little two then do the discussing with them and help them understand (they are in highschool so it is harder and need more time) With the older two sometimes I do cook and discuss sometimes if its takig to long and they still need more help and its getting late.

So maybe setting ground rules like that letting some break nonesense time then homework time will help good luck


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