how can i get my 4year old to stop sucking her dummy?


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Dawn - posted on 08/28/2009




Dummies affect childrens teeth and also their speech and language. Current British Health Authority advice says that dummies should go around the time children are 1 year old. I suggest telling them that they must give up their dummies on a certain day and get them to put them in a certain place, e.g. an envelope, the foot of their bed, by the fire place etc (not the bin) before dinnertime and overnight swap them for a gift. Be grateful that it's a dummy that you can ultimately throw away and not their thumb!

Nicola - posted on 08/28/2009




my daughters were 5 & 3 when we took away the dummys. I thought it would be really difficult especially with the 5 year old and I was dreading night time. We were pushed into making this move as they had been referred to an orthadontist who told us that the dummies had affected their bite and if they didnt stop they would have to wear braces in the future to correct it. knowing this made me be strict as i knew i had to take them away for their own sake. i told them that they were now too big and the dummy fairy neede their dummies for a new baby . they got a new teddy instead!1

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