How can i get my kids to respect me?

Kerrie - posted on 03/03/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My kids are running a total muck! i am having so much trouble getting them to listen, it's as if i'm not even here. i'm tired of yelling and i have tried the old method "they just need a good kick in the backside" type discipline. it does not work for me. i am not a strong person & they see that... any ideas? i'm about to pack away the DS the Wii and some favorite dvd's, but i have confiscated things in the past. they just go back to their old habits.


Deepti - posted on 03/03/2011




its lot difficult to make the child listen and obey...but one has to be slow but steady in the efforts... after all we cant leave the children the way they are... we have to modify them... and this will begin when we modify our nonworkable methods... for some time donot bother about their non cooperation... for teaching them respect, speak with dignity and calmness with kids say for one week avoid yelling.. i am also soft and not that strong headed but i change my way if the other way is not working with them..use positive language and do not give bad names or wrong language... we need to do this to set a good example... plan a picnic outside and try to make it as better as possible.. and tell we r going to have gr8 fun if all of us try to make it... make a to do list with them and let them select their choice of work and see wat kind of response u get... initially the change will be slow but u have to be consistent in ur efforts.. in one of the pages of the given link u can get more solutions for ur problem:


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I have twin 9 year old girls (so getting into the preteen hormones) and an almost 3 year old boy, so.... NO CLUE! lol

Sorry, I know that doesn't help, but you aren't alone.

Myloe - posted on 03/03/2011




I have the same problem with my daughter. I don't have any answers but I will be looking forward to seeing your answers. The only thing I can say based on my experience is that all caretakers (dad, stepdad, grandparents) have to be on the same page with discipline. I know that is part of the problem in my house.

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