How can we get our 7 year old to behave himself in school?

Ivonne - posted on 02/12/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My stepson Jordan is notorious for going to school and acting out in class, PE, and his music class sometimes. In his school they go by a color code for behavior and green is the best color you can get, yellow means you had to have several warnings to behave yourself and get back to work, orange and red are the last two colors and they mean you are acting inappropriate and needed drastic measures.
We've taken away his video games and toys and I get an email from his teacher everyday about his behavior that day. He pushes kids around, throws word cards around the classroom, and things like this throughout the day. We've tried to motivate him by bargaining for green days in order to get some of his privileges back and he continues to come back with yellows and oranges. I'm not looking for a why as to his behavior but I'm definitely looking for ways to discipline him for this behavior and any ideas as to how to find a way to stop him from misbehaving when he's at school. Thanks in advance.


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Krystal - posted on 02/14/2010




I have a 7 year old daughter, having some of the same issues in school. We never had problems with her in school until this year. We begin to investigate what was going on to find out that the teacher doesn't know how to deal with children that has emotional issues about different things that have happen in her life. We are pulling her out of school to home school her since my husband is home with our other daughter. I home I'm making the right decision. Your stepson may just be dealing with a lot of issues. Maybe just talking to him or finding someone he will talk to may help the situation. You may also want to have someone sit in on his day at school to see what is going on there. We did this and found out some was our daughter, the teacher and the other students.

Lynne - posted on 02/13/2010




Hi Ivonne,

our son was a bit of a trouble at home and school and we did the following things and it worked really well: We got him to help in the house with the chores and it actually calmed him down. Since, we discovered that everytime he became challenging in his behaviour etc. he was that he was not helping enough.

So I recommend to get him to help everyday at home and sugar, pop, natural juices without sweetner were all banded from the house. we go out for treats!

Secondly this could be a learning problem. I could give you more details but here is what you could try and simple see how he performs.

Get his reading books of that day and ask him to read aloud to you.

Everytime he fumbles or goes blank check which word he is on and give him the definition of that word.

Sorry it is a lot of work, I know, been there, but the change I have seen justifies it 10x over.

This reading out to you and finding out which words he doesn't fully or partly understand has a huge effect. Saved our life not just his; p.s. make sure you got a good dictionary at hand because some of the words they use are horrific. Let me know how it goes i really like to know.

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my son was the same way he was the class clown and constantly acting out and disrupting the class, taking things away is always good but what I learned is that if everything is gone they just don't care anymore and than they wont try, start small try to do it day by day set a goal with him that he really wants to do something small and then when he starts to show improvement than make bigger goals, he may only be good for 1 day out of 5 but when he is praise him and boost him up for doing good on that day and talk about what could have been better or should have done on the days that are not so good. you may even try to roll play with him at home put him in the types of situations verbally and talk through what should happen and make him interact with you like a roll playing game and do it for a while it works , and motivate him every day before he gets to school do a mental check list it takes a lot of work but it will pay off

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