How can you handle crazy ex-mother-in-law?


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Be firm but respectful.....that always gets them, LOL My ex-mother-in-law would love to punch me everytime she sees me..LOL I am nice, respectful and get my point across.

Mandy - posted on 11/23/2009




It's very hard with my son's Grandmother because his father is in prison and will be until my son is about 26 years old so I have to deal with her at first it was very hard because she wanted to do EVERYTHING with my son I think she may have been trying to replace her son with mine which probably sounds really weird but seriously that's what i think then when I wouldn't let her she tried getting custody, callin child protective services all kinds of things finally I put my foot my down and told her if she don't quit she will just stop seeing my son end of story and haven't had any problems with her since.

Crystal - posted on 11/23/2009




Let her see the kids when her son has them, and you won't have to worry about seeing her.

[deleted account]

touchy situation but always rember she is a mom too. treat her with respect but b sure to tell her on your terms.i am sure she loves her grand kids and are special to her once you keep an even key of respect on both parts all will fall into place

RongoMarie - posted on 11/07/2009




lay down the law love. you are mum. if she doesn't like it then she can bugger off. tell her what you want and how it is going to be and if she doesn't like it then like angie says, she can see the kid with its father and only with its father. you need to do whats best for you and your kid/s. good luck

Angie - posted on 11/07/2009




I wouldn't deal with her at all. She can contact your children when they are with their father.

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