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Deena - posted on 08/15/2009




If you suspect your child has ADHD, keep at it until they are tested. Many public schools now have resources to connect you to a Dr. to do the testing. My son had it but it wasn't confirmed until he was in 3rd grade. By that time there were very significant signs that he had the problem. He also hated taking the meds, but they helped him greatly.

Lisa - posted on 08/15/2009




You need to start out with very clear rules and have them agree upon what happens if the rule is broken.

Have something small to reward good behavior and give lots of praise "catch them being good"

If your child is loud like mine are try telling them that 0 is no noise at all and 10 is yelling. 2 is regular inside voice so if he's yelling you can say Your at a 10 and I need you at a two. Practice what each number might sound like as a game.

I also tell mine to "check yourself" sometimes they are not misbehaving for no reason at all they are just wiggly or excited. If mine get in the car and do not buckle I will set for a sec for them to figure it out if they don't I'll say "check yourself" and they will figure it out. I have to do the same thing about feet on the couch, clothes on the floor etc.

Redirect- "sally, what are you supposed to be doing? She really might have forgotten or say Is it nice to pull the cats tail?

Hope it helps, let me know if there is something specific your working on and I'll see if I have any ideas. I've worked at several churches at Childrens Ministry Leader, Title One Reading and Math Tutor, Casemangement plus 3 of my 4 have ADHD lol its a journey

Shannon - posted on 08/15/2009




I have recently read a book called "The Kazdin Method for parenting the defiant child" with no pills, no therapy, no contest of wills by Alan E. Kazdin. I have been applying his methods on my 6 year old son and I am so far amazed at the results. Excellent resource for any parent, even for parents of kids who are not "defiant", but it really works to get better cooperation for kids in following directions/listening. The book also comes with a DVD that covers the key concepts in the book.

Kim - posted on 08/15/2009




Can't say that I have any kids with A.D.H.D. My brother had it when he was young and they put him on meds which he did not like. BUT my nephew recently went to the doctor because they thought he had it it ended up being something else(cant think of it) but the doctor told my brother to take everything out of his bedroom, t.v, toys, games, everything that would distract him. And to have a chart with a set schedule on when and how long to do things. It sounds harsh but the idea was to stimulate him with reading, homework and things like that rather than games and things. I don't know if it will work but maybe you could try.....hope this helps, hang in there!

Brandy - posted on 08/14/2009




it was very hard and lots of frustration... along with long days... he had really bad days at school... always going to the school to meet with the principal and teachers... dont get me wrong with meds we still have our good and bad days... but much better.. not as much frustration and he has alot more better days at school... its much better days for him... we tryed time outs ... taking toys he liked or games he liked to play away... nothing seemed to help with out meds it was our last resort... we dealt with no meds until about march or so this year and he is now 9 years old and going into 3rd even resulted in him being held back a year... now we were able to get the dr. to request test to be done at school and he is in spec. ed and speech and lang. .. much better for him and us...

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