How do I get my 6yr old to clean her room?

Christina - posted on 11/14/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Every evening after dinner and homework I ask my daughter to clean her room. It never fails as soon as she goes into her room she starts crying. When I ask her whats wrong it's either, "My tummy hurts" or "I hurt my self picking up my dollie". I know she is putting me on because she doesn't want to clean her room up but I question my self "What if her tummy really does hurt or What if she really did get hurt." and therefore I can't get myself to correct her and make her clean her room. So, I always clean it for her. My husband tells me all the time to just make her do it even if she says she hurt herself but I just can't do it. What should I do????


Angie - posted on 11/14/2009




What worked with my kids is that I told them to clean their rooms and set a timer. Whatever was not picked up when the timer went off belonged to me! I took a box in and filled it with whatever wasn't picked up. The FIRST time I let them earn it back. The next time we went to Goodwill and donated the box. It was very hard for me to watch the toys go out of my car. After that, when I said clean your room and set the timer, the room was properly cleaned! It's so hard to be tough, but it's necessary if we want to raise responsible adults....

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