how do i get my 7 year old daughter to be more aware about going to the toilet instead of wetting he

Kim - posted on 04/20/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my seven year old daughter seems to wet her self when she is playing instead of going to the toilet any tips.

also any tips on getting her dry through the night


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Delta - posted on 04/20/2010




My daughter used to do this. We set up a reward chart in the hall close to the bathroom. Everytime she got up from playing and went potty we put a sticker up on the board. At the end of the week if every day had a sticker we would take her to get a treat that she wouldn't get everyday.

Lisa Marie DuHaime:

For the going poop in her underwear, what seemed to help us with that too was the same as what Lisa Dingman had said about making her daughter clean out the pee from her underwear, do the same with the poop. One day I had it with my daughter having a pile of underwear that had poop in them. So one day I had the idea of taking her to the bathroom and filled the sink full of hot water and made her scrub the poop off her underwear. She would stand there doing it but crying, but later the longer I made her do it to ever pair of underwear she pooped in, she stopped pooping her underwear and started pooping in the toilet. Also on this we did the reward chart with the stickers and got a reward after everyday was filled with a sticker. The fun part was I let my daughter pick out the stickers she would like to use so she was included to use the toilet and not her underwear.

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I have the same problem with my almost 5 year old. She even poops in her pants some times. I just don't know what to do anymore. I cut her off from liquids at 6:30pm and that seems to help. I praise her when she wakes up dry! Good luck!!

Lisa - posted on 04/20/2010




Oh ya, that one. Too busy playing to pee!

The first thing you need to address is her. She is so happily playing that she does not want to take the time to go pee. You need to let her know that it takes more time for you to constantly remind her to pee than if she would just come on in and pee and then she could get back to playing. Then, you need to prove you are right so here is what you do.

Call her in every half hour or so to try. She will no doubt complain so you just tell her: "Well, if you would go pee in the potty instead of your pants, I wouldn't have to call you in.

It will be a bummer for you but you will be annoying her even more by disrupting her play time. Give it some time and you will soon see that she starts peeing when she feels ready.

If she pees anyways, time out! Give her time out and say: “see, if you just came in and went pee you would be outside playing instead of sitting here with me. Then make her rinse out her clothes and hang them to dry. ( obviously you will want to rewash ) The idea for that is to take responsibility for their actions. Let her know, you are the mommy and your job is to do the laundry but you are not responsible for her pee pee clothes. If she is going to pee in her clothes, she can do the washing of them.

The main idea is to show them it is more beneficial for them to pee when needed than to forget to pee. When you go pee it takes about 3 minutes so you are missing 3 minutes of play time. But, if you forget to pee you are missing about 20 minutes of play time.

Then, throw the ball in their court and ask do you want to miss 3 minutes of play time or 20? Remember to reaffirm what you are doing each time she goes out to play.

As far as the night goes, make it a habit to get her out of bed at least once in the night to relieve. Some children just cannot hold it all night but they are too asleep to wake themselves. Help them out and you will soon enough find that they will pee in the night without you. Don’t forget the night lights to light the way…………..

I hope that helped!


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