how do i get my son to get out of diapers at night time???? he's 4yrs old

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my son just stopped wetting his pants all the time and ive got him havn his napes during the day without a diaper on i make him use the toilet before going to bed at night and stop drinks at least 2hrs before bed time but i still wake up to fid a full diaper is this normal ??? this is my first child


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I did the same thing with my son. About a week or so I didn't use pull ups. Just had a cover on the mattress and changed the sheets every morning/middle of night. You get sick of doing the pee laundry everyday, but it works. If you keep him in pull ups, he'll never stop because he doesn't need to. Some kids bladders need more time, so just try and see. If not, give it some time and try again.

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Sounds like you are on the right track for stopping using the diapers/pullups at night. Here are some other things to try:

Before you go to bed get your son up and take him to the bathroom (the later in the night this is the better) or if you can wake up around midnight 1am and take him to the bathroom.

Get him out of pull ups and invest in a plastic cover for his bed. Let him wear regular underware to bed...what this does usually is that he will wake up when he wets and that will start training his body.

Remeber all of this is a process...there is no quick fix. Choose a method (or two) and stick with it. There will be alot of sheet cleaning but within two or three weeks the night time accidents will few and far between. Good Luck

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