How do I help my child CARE about school more, he has ADD!

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My son is almost 10 and he seems to just not care about school or homework. He seems to lose interest in everything he isn't interested in. I know he is a boy and they seem to be similar. He was on meds but because i don't fully approve of children taking medicine, i pulled him off of them. He struggled more when he was on his meds. I just want to understand how to help him for the long hall. I want him to succeed and i don't want to hold him back when he is improving in certain areas!


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My son is now 21 and was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 yrs old and then bi-polar at age 8. Have you had him tested at school with the counselor? I don't know where you live, but here in Texas it's called an ARD meeting. All of his teachers will answer a set of questions about your son and the counselor will create an ARD plan for him at school. They will figure out what areas he is having trouble with and address them in a confidential manner,

Example: My son was interested and did well in math and sience, but was failing in English and History, So they made slight modifications for him in those classes. He was appointed room monitor and was in line first for lunch and breaks and such. That gave him a sense of importance that gave him the confidence he needed to be interested in those classrooms. He also had modified homework and classwork that the other children did not know about. That kept him from being "outed" or teased by classmates. When the other kids had say...30 words in vocabulary, my son was only responsible for half. (the amount they thought his attention span could manage) Gradually they added a few words until he could handle the same as the rest of the class, If he was reading for assignment, it was less chapters and less test questions and so on in the classes he lost interest in. Being only given what he could handle and excel at gave in higher self esteem and made him WANT to succeed. And he did, and was proud of himself. You also have the right to have your son put with another teacher if you feel that teacher isn't patient enough or committed to teaching you child through the obstacles that come with his ADD. A lot a parents don't know this.

I wasn't too comfortable with the meds either until I found a doctor specialized in children and actually listened to my son. I did the research myself instead of going through my insurance plan's list. Find the ones you are comfortable with and then check if they accept your insurance.

He was then was put on the correct dosages of the correct medications for his treatment and we could truly see the difference. Not many doctors actually take the time to listen to your childs needs and it seems like they just put all children in the same group and throw the same medicines at them. That does more harm than good.

When my son turned 16, he decided he was old enough to make the choice to be dosed or not. So I did my own research and switched him to a vitamin-based alternative called Focus-Factor. He did well on it and no longer needed the narcotics the doctor was prescribing. By then he had learned how to control his impulses better on his own and was able to maintain focus better, and I felt much better knowing he was taking a vitamin/herb blend instead. If you make the choice to go to something more natural, you will still need to ween your son off of the prescriptions slowly.

Your son's school should have all of the resources he needs to be successful with school. All you have to do is be diligent and make them as concerned as you are. It may take some time and you may feel your are fighting a battle, but it is worth it when you see your son happy to go to school and see those grades dramatically improve.

Good luck!

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