how do i stop suz wetting the bed

Juliette - posted on 01/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




she has a few good nites and then she just starts wetting the bed again and i have around four days where all i do is wash and dry her bedding


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Catherine - posted on 01/12/2010




Things that worked for me:
1) Calm, patient attitude and a sigh-and-carry-on thing when disasters happen
2) Wet covers under the sheets [available at any place that sells bedding stuff]
3) Dry Nites paper pants or nappy-pants, depending on the size of the kid
4) No drinks an hour before bedtime
5) Help them to the toilet just before bedtime [good excuse to put on the paper pants]
6) Praise when things go right
7) Take them straight to the toilet at wake-up time

In order to avoid embarrassment about bedwetting, we called the paper pants 'nigh-nigh pants' and refused to make a big deal about the whole thing.

Stress never helps, and if you do feel stressed out, get it out of your system *WELL* out of sight of your child. It's amazing how they pick up on things like that. A little bit of zen helps in these matters.

Time and patience and keeping calm in the face of laundry. It's the only thing that works.

Aleta - posted on 01/12/2010




we did the limiting fluids, taking him potty before we went to bed, bought large size pull-ups. he had such a large bladder the pull-ups would leek. we bought (for about 75$) some underwear that had a sensor in them. when he first started to pee, the loud alarm went off. the directions said it usually takes two weeks. the alarm only went off three nights. he kept wearing the special underwear for two weeks, without any more accidents. somehow it trains them to wake up when they feel the sensation of being full and needing to go. my parents used this with my brother 30 years ago. now there are now wires. it comes with the underpants for boys or girls and the plug in the wall alarm.

Crystal - posted on 01/11/2010




First of how old is the child? it is common for kid up to the age of 10 to wet the bed at night. As their bladers are still growing. One thing you can try is stop giving drinks and hr after dinner or 1.5 hrs before bed. and have her go to the bathroom 1 hr before bed and the 1/2 hr before bed then 15 mins before bed. as this will help her some. Then before you go to bed wake her up and have her go to the bathroom again. Then when you first wake up in the am wake her up and take her to the bathroom to go as sometimes kids wet the bed just before they wake up. Remember they are still growing and so are everything inside of them and sometimes thing have to play catch up to them. And if she still wets the bed think about taking her to a Dr to see if they can help you out. Also try a night light in her room and hall going to the bathroom and one in bathroom as she may not want to get up at night if it dark. Sometimes a little light gos a long way. I hope this helps you some or make things better.

Melissa - posted on 01/11/2010




I have had this problem with my son. He is now 7 and pretty much have grown out of bed wetting. But he still has some nights where he will wet the bed. What I do is stop his drinking about an hour before he goes to bed. He goes to the bathroom before bed and I put a mattress pad underneath him. This way if he does wet the bed, I only have to change his pj's and clean him up. I don't ruin the mattress or have wet sheets to change and wash. I just take off the mattress pad and he's good the rest of the night. I put the mattress pad over his sheets and he sleeps right on top of it. And it's soft. This has worked for us. Also what I still do is I wake him up about 1.5 hours after he went to bed to take him to the bathroom and this has worked great. It has trained his brain to wake himself up when he has to go. But when I do wake him up, I make him walk to the bathroom so that I know he is really awake (he is a very deep sleeper). Hope this helps. Best of luck!!

Cheryl - posted on 01/11/2010




Juliette, what i did with my kids was stop giving them drinks an hour before bedtime and then still wake them up every hour to go potty and before you know it they will be going on their own and not wetting the bed anymore, I know its kind of a pain but as moms we have to deal with it, lol. Hope this helps some.

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