How do u help a 7 yr old when they think there always right and dont listin to anyone??


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Pam - posted on 11/12/2009




It's the age. My daughter was the same way and now my son. With her, I exhausted myself trying to prove I'm right. But with my son, if time allows and it's not dangerous, I let him go ahead and find out for himself that he is wrong. Recently he argued with me about the instructions for a homework assignment, I told him to do it his way. Since he got it wrong and had to fix it during recess, he's become quite humble. Also in our house we keep the computer on hibernate. When something needs to be settled, we go straight to the facts via Google. Shuts both kids up most of the time... except in those rare cases I'm wrong, lol.

On the upside, I am proud of both of my kids determination and belief in themselves. It's a good trait, just needs some fine tuning :)

I wrote a note to his teacher explaining the situation about the homework. Also conferenced with her in September about his need to be right.

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