How do you encourage your happy child to speak @ school?

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My 4 year old has always been quiet but gradually he's become more & more confident & speaks clearly @ home & with family & friends he's comfortable with. At home he is a happy, confident, cheeky, well behaved little boy. We do a variety of activities at home including teaching him to read & write. However at preschool he's able to speak clearly with a 1-1 but still remains extremely quiet or doesn't speak. He says he enjoys preschool & as made quite a few friends & creates many lovely artistic pictures & models. He's doing well in 'yellow group' now too. I'm not sure why he doesn't speak at school his understanding of is fine. It hurts when they seem to be making out he's silly or something like that compared to all the other children or their textbook guidelines!! feeling stressed out my baby is fine!! :( any thoughts!!

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Rebecca - posted on 03/27/2010




he's probably just a quite child; i would actually just leave him be since it doesn't sound like there's any physcial or mental problem.

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