How do you get your 3rd grader interested in the fact that she is failing 3rd grade


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Robin - posted on 10/05/2009




We made a prize board for our son. He earned 1 ticket for every C, 2 tickets for every B, 3 tickets for every A and 5 tickets for every A+. He helped pick out the prizes and we decided how many tickets it would cost to win that prize. Get creative with the prizes and make it fun. Have some small prizes that she can win with a few tickets and have some big prizes that require her to save up. Anything from Hannah Montana pencils (or whatever she's into) to a new outfit or a night out where she picks dinner and a movie.

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3rd & 4th grade is a transitional stage for all children--- some kids seem to care & then there are the ones who don't--- just keep being the parent-- never give up-- no matter how hard it seems-- also something to think about is-- is your childs birthday early in the year or later? teachers seem to think that the kids with earlier birthdays are a little more inmature than the ones who have later birthdays-- ( this has been an ongoing battle in my family-- but just trust in God that he will pull you through) my son is in the 4th grade-- keep in touch-- i talk to the teachers about once a week-- if i learn anything new-- i will definately let ya know!! Good Luck & I'll keep yall in my prayers!!!

Brandy - posted on 10/05/2009




I would make her bring the books home that she failing in review everything that she went over that day in class to make sure she knows what is going on ask to do any extra work to bring up her scores my son's teacher told me if he reiws what is went over in class each day to asure he understands it he can bring his grade up . Hope this helps you if it takes you sitting with her when she does her homework I would try anything to help her do her best

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