How important is raising your children in a Christian environment?


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Jami - posted on 08/07/2009




I truly believe that if you raise your child in church bring him or her up in sunday school to learn about jesus and what he did for them teaching them morles ,and right from wrong it instills in them values beyond what school can ever teach them and hopefully prepare them for what's come after this life .

Jodi - posted on 08/07/2009




My son is in a Marist Brother Catholic College, and my daughter is enrolled in a Catholic School too. I am not actually Catholic (my husband is), but the schools teach wonderful Christian values. Here in Australia, there is real debate about including Religious Education within the curriculum at public school. Many do not have a program to include it. The alternatives are limited. I want my children brought up in a Christian environment, and the Catholic school system has proven to be very good for them.

And we do attend church (not all the time, but reasonably frequently), and we do uphold the christian values in our home.

Jennifer - posted on 08/05/2009




I raise my children in a christian home we go to chruch everytime there is chruch I am on the missions team at my chruch on wendsday night I teach. when my daughter was born we have been going to chruch and whe she was 3 she started telling everyone about Jesus and brought them to the lord at three she was also saved and at 5 she got babtized now she is 7 and she still enjoys going to chruch and when she is sick and we don't go to chruch she is very upset. My son who is 4 was saved at 3 and babtized at three he has not yet told anyone about Jesus but when he does not go to chruch he gets very upset. I also teach them at home about what Jesus would want them to do. Christmas time is very speical to us because we started a new tredition before they open up any presents we have a birthday party for Jesus we have a cake, light candles, sing happy birthday, go over what the twelve days of Christmas is in christanity and they know te true meaning of easter and Christmas yes they do believe in santa and the bunny but they know that not the true meaning

Isabel - posted on 07/20/2009




i believe that it will lend some guidance to children decifering right from wrong and bring conviction to their heart (guilt) when they are not honest and know they are doing something they know is wrong. my daughter tells me god is watching me right and it also provides them with security or safety someone is there taking care of them. If other children do not tell the truth she tells them you know where liars go right--down there and not with god up in the sky.

Melanie - posted on 07/20/2009




My husband and I aren't religious, however we have a strong belief in social justice and tolerance. We teach our daughter how to contribute positively to society. We have also talked to her about other peoples beliefs and their right to those. She has used this knowledge to create her own sense of the world. She understands their are people all over the world (including Australia, where we live) who struggle just to get enough food to eat. This affects her deeply. I don't think a christian environment is necessary to the upbringing of a child. However, I know there are others who do.

How important is christianity to you? That should give you your answer. Religion is a deeply personal endevour, and we all need to find what works for us.

Trisha - posted on 07/20/2009




It's very important to me, but my main reason for that is so that my children are introduced to God, Jesus, and the bible. I want them to know about Him but I won't pressure them into being baptized or any other important Christian rite. Those are for them to decide on their own when they are ready. I just think having a Christian foundation in a childhood is important.

Jennifer - posted on 07/19/2009




It made a difference in my life and I'm hoping it will make a difference to the lives of my boyfriend's children. I didn't get into some of the things that some people I know did, becuase I was taught that it was wrong. Not wrong only in the eyes, of the law or my parents but wrong in God's eyes. He was first in my life for a long time, I stopped going to church and life wasn't the same. Once I started back going back, my life is much better, I'm happier when I'm following God.

I found when I was working with children in church, that those who were brought by their parents and worshipped as a family were behaved better than those who were just dropped off. Also those that used church as a reward weren't as likely to stay in church. If a parent uses not going to church as a punishment because that's what the kid really enjoys then it becomes just another place to go. If you think of church like school, a child needs an education but the teacher can't do it all, the parents have to be there and teach the lessons too.

Melissa - posted on 07/18/2009




Just do what you think is right. Ones christian beliefs are completely different than anothers. Even if is is just by a small detail. You shouldn't push, just remember the Key is morals.

Evelyn - posted on 07/18/2009




I believe it makes quite a difference!! If the child is raised within a Christian environment with lots of love and support, then they can join youth groups and activities. I found it helped two of my children in life and home.

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