How many mom's cried when their kids started school?

Justine - posted on 09/07/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have two in school this year Boy, 4th grade and Girl ,K. I cried for two days now and I feel depressed. I have a 16 month old home also but I cant stand the emptyness. Everyone I talk to are happy their kids are in school but im not


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Sharon - posted on 09/12/2011




When my step-daughter started kindergarden last year I cried. I was also taking pictures of her in the school cafeteria. This year when she started 1st grade, I got a little tiery eyed. But it's a happy feeling of how much I am proud of her and how fast she is growing!

Kacie - posted on 09/12/2011




i did majority of my crying that weekend before school. i was a wreck! LoL when we dropped him off, i did good. then my sister called and it all came out again.

4th week of school and im THRILLED for monday's to come around! LOL

Chantel - posted on 09/09/2011




I did! My son started this week. That little wave before he got on the bus just broke my heart. He looked so tiny climbing those big school bus steps. I had a sad moment. He had a great day though. I have never sent him to daycare that wasn't family and he didn't go to nursery school so I was a worried about him being away from home for the whole day. He handled it like a champ though.

Faith Rosemund - posted on 09/07/2011




I did! :) It felt like I'm letting him go into an uncertain world but truly after days of sending him off to school you'll feel better after seeing he's looking forward to school! I guess its just mommy's way of feeling you can't keep him forever. :)

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