How often do you take your kids to the park?

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My oldest daughter is 12, youngest is 3. We live walking distance from the park, but we rarely ever go as a family. My 12 year old likes to hang out with her friends at the park after school sometimes, but I feel my younger ones need some park time as well. How often do you mother go on family outings to the park?


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In the summer I take the little once there almost every day but we live right next to the side entrance to the best park in my town, it has the park bit, a water bit,a animals enclosure, loads of duck ponds and in the summer a splash boat and swan peddelos. There's often fairs on or a show of some sort. As a whole family we go we go maybe 2-3 times a month but my oldest is 13 and hanging out with me is uncool now lol. In the winter we all went and had a snowball fight there I love living here, for the record I usually don't really like regular park and before we moved here I'd probably go one a week in the summer and never when it got a bit colder.

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