How should I handle my 8 year old son crying all the time?

A - posted on 11/16/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 8 year old has always been sensitive and different than other boys. He is easily frustrated, but he is the sweetest kid on earth. Lately, he has become disruptive to other people and myself. Crying and talking back at church, screaming in the store, etc. Sometimes it's as if he is only doing it for attention. I work a full time job and a part time job and I am a single mother. Is he seeking attention? What can I do to soothe him?


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Anna - posted on 11/22/2012




My 9 year old daughter is the same way and i'm still trying to figure out how to deal with it also. Hope things look up for him soon.

Audrey - posted on 11/20/2012




Hello, I am sorry to hear that. Perhaps he is frustraded. maybe he can not explain to you what is bothering him because he dose not understand his feelings. My son has slight processing issuse, he processes situations a bit different than others. It is not detectable to an outsider. When my son is acting out it comes across that he is acting bad or spoiled. I had him evaluated by a doctor, he discovered that my son has visual and academic processing issuse. he is at a regular school and unless you know that he has this it is not detectable. but he was acting out and showing some behaviors that were disruptive. I would sugguest having him evaluated. but be warned it is not cheap. but it is very very helpful

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