how to approach a 5yrs-old when they dont listen

Fasiha - posted on 08/05/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi beautiful moms!

My girl is very nice, smart and has patience. We always talk nicely and she always get the message and listens. It's just sometimes when she's not in the right time she just wont listen.. wanting what she wants.. screaming and yelling intensely the whole apartment would hear. And sometimes with tantrums (at 5!). At that time we just dont know how to handle her. Nice talking couldnt work at all.. and poorly at the end she got spanked or slapped. We know that's not the solution (rather a cause?). That's not our way actually.. or is that being so nice that makes her spoiled? Or is there any internal complexity that we should (but we havent yet) understand? FYI she's the eldest of three.

Please share some advice or experience....


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Kate - posted on 08/07/2010




It is really hard when your kids behave in a way that is not in line with how you behave but they are not yet fully developed and do not understand. I have three kids (6,4,2) and the my eldest is just starting to act out and test the boudnaries of what is acceptable. We found that this coindided with him starting school. We just let him know that in our house we talk to each other in a respecful way and that if he wants to talk in a disrectful way then we wont understand what he is saying. If he keeps going we usually tell him to spend some time in his room until he can behave in a way that we can understand. I hope you find your own "tool" becuase it is also a wonderful age when our kids our starting to fulfil the potential that they have.

Rachel - posted on 08/06/2010




I have a very stubborn daughter and she is 5. We honestly just take away things she loves and we send her to her room. If she doesnt listen we take her to her room. When she feels like she can listen and be nice then we allow her to come out of her room but she has to apologize before she goes back to doing what she wants.
This is really a hard age. And because your daughter is the oldest you have to act quick oy your younger children will pick up on this behavior. Stand your ground and let her know you mean business...Dont let anything slide.

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