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Veronica - posted on 03/30/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi everyone, I have a 6 year old son in kindergarten. He has been getting picked on pretty regularly at school. I have gone to the principal and had meetings with the teacher, talking to the parents and so on. I have even gone to the point of keeping my son home from school. Its gotten to the point where my son doesn't want to eat in front of other kids and has thrown up his food a few times, saying his doesnt feel good and has been awfully worried about his weight. All becuz this bully child has called him fat and said he has boobies.... It breaks my heart! My son is still a happy child and full of life. I have taken him to the doctor and had him checked out. He is very healthy. He is not the average height or weight for a 6 year old, he is about twice at tall and 10lbs heavier.

So i guess my question is how do i go about talking to him or dealing with bullies all together? My instinct is to keep hm with me 24/7 so no one can hurt him or make him feel horrible but i know that i cant do that...... any advice out there? This is my oldest son and i have never had to deal with this...




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Julie - posted on 04/12/2010




My daughter has had a similar problem only it's because she's almost 8 and the size of a 5 year old. I tell her to go to an adult if someone is hurting your feelings. I have also had her practice at home with her brother saying and doing the things she needs to do to feel better about and stand up for herself. This seems to have helped, she is acting much more confident after years of being stuck in the " I just want them to be my friends" stage.

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Oh that is awesome!! Thank u so much! Im for sure gonna check that out and try it! Thank u so much! I am so glad to know it isnt just my son, i was worried there was something i was doing wrong! Once again thank u!

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same boat...just 1 year ahead of you...7yrs old and 1st grade...i responded to another post about bullying...take a peek at it...

what has been working here recently...we checked out a book from the's about an owl (bully) and a woodpecker...there comes a part in the book that all the lil forest animals yell "you are a bully!" ...we practiced this at home...he did it at school and wouldn't you know it, it worked...the teachers attention was quickly diverted to the situation-it caused great embarressement to the bully, b/c everyone looked at them...

good luck!

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Hi, This is so upsetting. Go back to the head teacher (principal) and request the schools policies on bullying . Then explain what has happend and what you have already done for your child eg doctors advice. Schools need to be made aware of the effects this is having on him . Don't back down or be fobbed off you will never forgive yourself. If none of this works you have to change his school . Talk to other parents at the school and let them know what is happening . If the school takes no action you have the right to complain to the goveners . From my experience you need to keep detailed records of dates of phone calls and meetings . Good luck and remember this is your baby and YOU know whats best for him.

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