i am already having trouble with homework my kids just don't want to do it help

Crystal - posted on 08/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




i have two sons with ADHD and BIPOLAR and we are already starting the "homework battle" I am so tired and feel like everything i try doesnot work. I am looking for fresh ideas. Someone please HELP.


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Stephanie - posted on 08/18/2009




my 6 yr old has ADHD and we have tried alot of methods as well. What is working for us... the office desk... no distractions in there.... and every sheet he completes with minimal bickering and stopping gets him a sticker on a homework chart.... at the end of the school week... if he gets his 5 stickers... he gets a treat outta the toy, candy or prize box. If he chooses to save the sticker "POINTS" til the end of the month (or whenever you want) he can use them towards a video game or a trip to the movies. I also "do" the homework with him and we see if he can "teach" momma the lesson of the day.... GOOD LUCK... and if you find something tat works please lemme know:D

Dawn - posted on 08/18/2009




We are finding out that my son is ADHD. He is also dyslexic and has speech problems due to his frenulum being attatched too high. He had surgery to fix it, but he went 5 1/2 years without being able to raise his tongue, so it will take a while to speak properly. He hates to read, so it is a struggle to get to do his reading assignments. I totally understand you frustration. Laura is right. Just go 15 min of homework time and then take a break. And back to homework. Yelling wont work, so don't waste energy. One thing I did learn through his speech therapy, is playing games to get him to sound out words and read. It works. So during break time, play a game (dominoes- the color/number coordinated ones from Walmart are great , uno, checkers, connect-four, hungry hungry hippo, etc). Something that is fun for them. If all else fails, talk with your teacher and get ideas from him/her. I know at my elementary, they have a program after school for homework, and sometimes it is easier for kids to be there. Worth a try. Your kids should also be getting some kind of aide from school since they are ADD and Bipolar. Speak with a counsler, if they don't already have help. Good luck.

Laura - posted on 08/18/2009




Don't yell at your children, it will just make them more upset in the long run. Say do homework for 15 mins then take a 5 min break, if they are lacking in concentration put on something that is going on in the background like music, or turn on a tv that is not in the room. Sit with them and be patient, because if you are stressed to the max your children will be irritated and angry or upset. If you see your children getting frustrated over a subject help them through it, if not take a break, and look at it yourself, and go back to it, in a few minutes. Don't rush your kids in doing homework, you want homework to be a positive experience not a negative one.

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