I hate homework time!

Emilie - posted on 10/21/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have to sit with my son for hours helping him with his homework, erasing, making him start over, trying to help him figure out the answers without telling him what the answer is. The next day his teacher sends home a note telling me his homework was to sloppy, or he didn't do all of it, I am just so sick of homework. He is only in the 1st grade, it should not be this hard!


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Some tips I read recently:
If you give your children a snack containing cinnamon just before homework time (cinnamon toast, applesauce with cinnamon), it increases concentration.
Avoid giving sugary snacks as this has the opposite effect.
Get your child to run around / play in the fresh air for 15-30 minutes before and after homework.
Have something smelling of citrus near the homework area - improves concentration.

Hope you soon overcome the battle!

Natasha - posted on 10/21/2009




I feel the same way my son comes home with 4 or 5 different assignments to do a night and I think its ridiculous..I just wonder sometimes what is done at school that they have so much sent at home!


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Sheena - posted on 10/23/2009




I had a very similar problem last term with my Year 2 boy, he is in a Year 2/3 split class in Australia. Supposed to only have 20 mins homework each night but we were spending anything from 45 mins to 2 hours between all the temper tantrums due to frustration and so on. After many discussions with lots of mums and other teachers (including Gifted and Talented teachers), they all agreed that homework is really only supposed to be teaching the kids to try and prepare for High school and shouldn't be about learning new skills, the G&T teachers didn't even like homework at all...LOL. It really should only be a practise for what they did in class that day, or concentrating on something they are struggling with. I went and spoke to the class teacher and explained all the stress I was going through and how it was having a negative effect on my child and homelife with my child and she said that she wasn't even all that keen on homework, and only did it to prepare the year 3's for Year 4. We agreed that instead of giving him stuff that was new she would just give him stuff he had done in class, and as he is such a perfectionist, she will give him less than the other kids. For reading he was allowed to choose a book he liked at home instead of the boring school readers, he was really excited about that. I feel much better this term and my boy is getting through his homework like wildfire now.
I have a great interest in this as I am also a student teacher, so I am learning through my own kids what to do once I am qualified and in my own classroom. I would approach the teacher and explain the problem, I'm sure that once you explain your side she/he will be able to come up with something that suits a bit better. If that doesn't help, then go to her superior and explain that you tried to work it out. But usually teachers will work with the parents. Good luck

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A friend had a similar problem. She compromised. She told her daughter to choose just one question to tackle by herself. A couple of minutes later she would come back and, without checking the answer to the question, would ask the girl to choose the next one for them to do together. She set a time limit of 5 minutes, then she left to do something else for a couple of minutes. She carried this on until everything was finished. Soon her daughter was proud of tackling and succeeding and started asking for less help. Now it is only a case of when she really doesn't understand something.

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Hours of homework for a kid in Grade 1 is absurd. I find that when my daughter brings home homework that involves writing or a worksheet or whatever (she's in Grade 2), it often takes longer than the teacher says it should; but the guideline here is no more than 10 minutes per day per grade -- for instance, her typical nightly homework is "read out loud to someone for 20 minutes".

How long does the teacher say the homework should take? I would be tempted to sit him down for that amount of time, let him get as much done as he can, and then tell him homework time is over. Maybe if he knows the suffering will be brief, he'll be better able to cope with it (and you probably will too).

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I had the same problem with my daughter in teh first grade. I found she was "getting frustrated and confused" JUST so I would sit there with her and "help" her. To make a lonory short, she wanted me to figure it out for her. I caught on when she was doing her homework by herself when other people were watching her, without a problem... Unless teh other person was my mother :)

Sandra - posted on 10/21/2009




I would talk to the teacher and ask her how long she/he expects the child to spend on homework. Also talk to the teacher about what her/his expectation is and for them to give you an example of what she wants him to be doing. Then you will be able to say/show your son what he is supposed to do.
Do not be afraid to say to the teacher that you feel it is too much for your child. Teachers are supposed to be there to help kids and encourage them to stay in school not discourage them. Too many parents feel there is too much work for their kids but they won't say anything because they feel it is only them or it is something wrong with their child. Sometimes it just takes one person standing up for their child to make the teacher aware of what the children are going through.

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