I have a 13 year old son and he's really bad on reading, I can I improve his reading skills?


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Monica - posted on 08/22/2011




Thank you all for your suggestions, I'll try them and we'll see what happens.

Latasha - posted on 08/20/2011




He may need glasses, so go and get his eyes checked. Second take him to the library and let him check out the books that interest him and give him small rewards to encourage him to keep reading. It may help him get more excited about books. I have a kid that was the same way, so I signed her up for this reading game at our local library and she picked out books that she liked to read and she improved over the summer. Try it and see what results you get.

Karen - posted on 08/20/2011




I would get him tested either by the school psycologist or a private one (although they are more expensive). I have 2 boys that I just got tested. They are 10yrs and 11yrs old. They do fine in school but are behind in their reading. Both boys are reading at a 2.8 grade level. I found out that both are dyslexic, and my older son also has trouble with visualization. There is help for them, but it is expensive and we are trying to save money to send them to a program to get them help.

I was also told that taking them back to pre-K phonics and trying to "re-teach" them could help also. It's a hard road, but once you get the answers the school should also help you to understand what to do next. Good luck.

Marlene - posted on 08/20/2011




Firstly, have his eyes properly tested. My son had problems and we found out when he was 11 that he had Irlin Syndrome. Meaning he needed a colour filter to help him read. It made the world of differance. Perhaps have him evaluated by a professional, maybe he needs specific help. Good luck.

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